# Mails aus Teheran

(…) but believe it or not I was stuck in the demonstration last Wednesday. I wanted to go to a drugstore near our house to stay in place of the Doctor there, who is my friend. When I got there, I saw the demonstrators coming towards me and suddenly the guards started shooting in the air and throw teargas among them. I rushed into the drugstore and lots of demonstrators followed me into the drugstore. I thought if the guards follow them, they will take us all. So I told the technician there to close the drug store and asked the people to stay calm. There were wounded and beaten people among them. I started giving them bandages, masks and pain relieving ointments. There were more guards coming and they were singing loud a lead. The people stayed there for about half an hour until the things got cleared, then they left. I think the reason you are not getting updated pictures is because there are no more demonstrations because there are students here who are taking their entrance exam.

thanks for the TOR program, it worked!!!! LOVE U, take care,

Vereinzelt darf kann also wieder frei im Netz gesurft werden, dank dem Softwarepaket Tor-Browser, mit dem schon zu chinesisch-olympischen Zeiten Reporter frei im Netz surften. 😉

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